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  • Inside dimensions 33" wide x 78" high 108" long

  • Hydraulic control valve mounted on a swinging arm

    • Full arm rotation from front to back of squeeze

  • Grease nipples in all pivot points

  • 12 gauge sheet metal

  • No overlapping steel to prevent rust

  • Sheet metal is crimped to stop vibration and add strength

  • Hydraulic crash gate is adjustable from 10" to 24"

  • Crash gate is spring loaded to prevent animal injury

  • Crash gate lifts out of way to provide maximum access to entire head

  • Head gate is hydraulically adjustable from 5" to 32"

  • Parallel axis sides hydraulically adjustable from 5" to 33"

  • Spring loaded camlock latches on all side doors

  • Sandblasted one coat of primer two coats paint

    • Options
      • Gas or electric power packs

      • Hydraulic side exit

      • Hydraulic neck extender retracted 3" extended 15"

      • Delivery and set up

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