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The Berlinic Squeeze

The Berlinic hydraulic bison squeeze incorporates world class engineering with top of the line materials and fabrication. Its rugged construction is both durable and dependable but it is seeing this squeeze chute in action that truly impresses. 


The Berlinic parallel axis squeeze is designed to handle your livestock with swift efficiency while ensuring both animal and operator safety. The patented head gate design opens bottom first, keeping the animal's head down. This chute has been engineered to optimize handling livestock; it is easy to operate, quiet and can be customized to meet the individual needs of each owner.


The Berlinic can squeeze from 33 to 7 inches, enabling you to handle any size of animal from a 3000 lb bull to a 300 lb calf. The Berlinic features double back doors and has multiple access points providing optimal access to any region of the animal. Your vet will appreciate working with this system. 

"We bought our first Berlinic squeeze chute in 1998. Since that time, we have purchased six chutes for our various locations. We have 4000 head and run 7000 through the chutes each year. Efficiency and speed are very important to us. We can run an animal through any one of our systems in 60 seconds on average. More importantly, we’ve never had an injury to an animal or handler since using Berlinic Mfg. handling equipment. Safety of the handler and animal is paramount. I believe this is the best equipment on the market today."

Doug Griller

Quill Creek Bison

Saskatchewan, CA

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