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The Ranch Hand

The Ranch Hand livestock handling facility answers the call for producers who deal in volume or those who just want the very best system the industry has to offer. The Ranch Hand was engineered to ensure efficiency and rugged dependability without sacrificing safety. 


This Ranch Hand's unique design ensures livestock move through the system quickly and efficiently with little to no stress on the animal; animals do not see a handler until they are inside the squeeze chute.


The Ranch Hand system requires two operators and was designed to maximize productivity with multiple entrances and exits. The overhead view enables the operator to run multiple gates from this position. This system is perfect for larger scale operations or for smaller operations that want to optimize handling.


The Ranch Hand system benefits from the same world class engineering and durable construction as with all our designs and is most optimal when utilized with The Berlinic squeeze chute.  

“We have a Berlinic squeeze chute and the Ranch Hand system. The Berlinic system has allowed us to work animals safely and efficiently in a low-stress environment. Last year was the best round-up we ever had; the system ran flawlessly. I would highly recommend Berlinic Mfg. to anyone who is looking for handling equipment.” 


Cody Considine

Nachusa Grasslands Nature Conservancy

Franklin Grove, IL

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