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The Portable 

The Portable handling system is a complete handling facility in one easy to use unit. This facility is ideal for anyone who requires handling systems in multiple locations or for those who need a system that can do the job now without all the fuss and expense of a permanent facility.


The Portable is comprised of a Berlinic squeeze chute, 10,000 lb Tru-test load bars, two hydraulic slide gates, an hydraulic bump gate and two 8' swing gates. This system takes ten minutes to set up and is  street legal. The hitch weight is 1150 lbs and the unit hooks up and pulls easily.


The Portable benefits from the same world class engineering and durable construction as with all our designs. This all-in-one handling facility utilizes The Berlinic squeeze chute and for many owners it is everything they need to safely and efficiently handle their animals. 

"Over the last 40 years, I've had the opportunity to use many different brands of equipment. My latest purchase was a Berlinic portable system. It fits very well into our multiple location operation, is very easy to pickup and move and is simple to incorporate into gathering pens to make a complete system. I've heard others, and said myself many times over, I can't afford that type of equipment. After using the Berlinic Portable, I'm convinced I can't afford not to have it. I'll never be without it as long as I have bison."

Dick Gehring

NBA President

Black Kettle Buffalo

Moundridge, KS


Short Portable

Our newest portable handling facility! Built on the same 4" x 6" heavy duty boxed frame as our bigger portable systems. It has everything you want to safely and efficiently handle animals wherever you need. Weighing 6600lbs (1450lbs on hitch) and with a 20' overall length, this system moves easily and sets up in minutes. Each unit comes standard with our hydraulic bison squeeze chute, hydraulic raise/ lower axles, 9' hydraulic bump gate and 6' hydraulic slide gate. Options include; additional swing panels, tru-test load bars, gas or electric power packs, auxiliary hydraulics, remote controls, fenders, brakes and lights.

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